Bridging the Interconnect Gap
October 24 - 26, 2017
DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose
San Jose, California, USA

IWLPC 2017

October 24 - 26, 2017
DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose
San Jose, California, USA

SMTA and Chip Scale Review are pleased to announce the 14th Annual International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference and Tabletop Exhibition. IWLPC brings together some of the semiconductor industry's most respected authorities addressing all aspects of wafer-level, 3D, TSV, and MEMS device packaging and manufacturing.

Best Presentation & Papers Awards for 2016 Announced

The IWLPC Technical Committee is pleased to announce the Best of Conference, Best Presentation & Best Papers in WLP, 3D, MEMS and Manufacturing tracks as chosen by the technical committee and attendees based on technical merit, relevance, originality, knowledge of subject, quality of material, and quality of presentation.

Best of Conference Presentation - Paul Silvestri, Amkor Technology
"TSV Assembly: Package Architectures and Trade-offs"

Best of Conference Paper - Allan Hilton, RTI International
"Wafer-Level Vacuum Packaging of Microbolometer-based Infrared Imagers"

Best of 3D Track Paper - Min Tao, Ph.D. Invensas
"Package-On-Package Interconnect For Fan-Out Wafer Level Packages"

Best of WLP Track Paper - Stream Chung, Chemleader
"Electroplated Nano Twinned Copper for Wafer-Level Package"

Best of MEMS Track Paper - Allan Hilton, RTI International
"Wafer-Level Vacuum Packaging of Microbolometer-based Infared Imagers"

Best of Manufacturing Track Paper - Gerard John, Amkor Technology
"A Practical Approach to Test Through-Silicon Vias (TSV)"

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IWLPC 2017 Conference Video

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If you would like to present at this conference, please submit a 200-300 word abstract by April 10, 2017. Please include a title, author name, and contact information with your abstract. Technical papers and presentations are required and will be due September 8, 2017.

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Thank you for attending IWLPC 2016!

The 13th International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference (IWLPC) and Exhibition, held in Silicon Valley on October 18-20, offered an excellent insight into current issues and future challenges in advanced packaging technologies. An impressive array of 48 presentations, five interactive presentations (poster sessions), and four workshops covered a wide array of topics with focus on various aspects of fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP), 3D packaging and manufacturing, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Overall, attendance was higher than what I’ve seen in past years, and the expo hall was sold out completely. Table-top exhibitors, who couldn’t get space inside the main exhibition hall, lined up their display items along the walkways in front of the main exhibit area. Quite fittingly, the main theme of the conference was "Bridging the Interconnect Gap," thus highlighting one of the major challenges our industry is facing as "big data" seeps into our daily lives in multiple forms at the workplace, home, and in between.

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IWLPC 2016

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